About Us

Founded in the mid-1980s, Northwest Media, Inc. (NWM) emerged from the collaboration of a research child psychologist, a videographer, and a business developer. Our goal was to design and deliver engaging, effective materials that help people develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthy, successful lives.

Over time, NWM launched several successful endeavors, including SocialLearning.com, which was an online marketplace designed to provide quality training products for resource parents, agencies, and schools; Vstreet.com, a website designed to teach teens life skills and build community; and The Business News, a biweekly business newspaper covering Lane County, Oregon.

One of NWM’s pivotal achievements came with the successful authoring of an SBIR grant application, leading to a groundbreaking study in 2001-2002. This research demonstrated the effectiveness of interactive online training delivered via home computers—an innovation that paved the way for FosterParentCollege.com (FPC). FPC is an online resource parent training platform, built with an accompanying learning management system. Its mission is to improve the lives of children and youth in care by providing research-based, online training to their caregivers and families.

Today, NWM is a privately held “Purpose Over Profit” company, dedicated to making a meaningful impact through its work. Our diverse team includes writers, video producers, editors, software engineers, and customer support professionals. At NWM, we are committed to upholding the highest standards in training. Our approach to training is based on research on both content and delivery methods. Through continuous innovation and a dedication to FPC’s mission, we strive to empower individuals and strengthen communities by providing accessible, impactful education for those who care for vulnerable children.